RGC Steel

RGC Steel events are designed to introduce participants to the fun and excitement of competition shooting in a safe low pressure family friendly atmosphere.

RGC Steel events are Rimfire Challenge-style matches designed to be completed by shooters of all levels without the need to reload “on the clock”. The main goal is to hit all the steel targets in the course of fire as quickly as possible. Normal Stage (scenario) has 5 to 7 targets. Each Stage (scenario) has 5 Strings of fire.


RGC Steel events generally follow Rimfire Challenge rules. It is the responsibility of all participants, volunteers or spectators to be familiar with the rules and especially understand those which are safety oriented.

All Firearms are to safely use .22 long rifle ammunition.

We will recognize the following Categories:
Youth (12 yrs under)
Junior (13-17 yrs)
Adult (18-65 yrs)
Senior (66-75 yrs)
Super Senior (76-82 yrs)
Super Super Senior (83 yrs up)
Lady any age (18 yrs up)

All Participants and Spectators Must Wear Eye and Ear protection.

$10 RGC Members. Must show current card. Non-member $20

Course of Fire

Participants are required to compete using both a rifle and handgun chambered in .22 long rifle to be recognized as category winner

For this season only, participants may compete with only a rifle or handgun, with appropriate number of magazines, to check this match out. There is no reloading of magazines or repairing handguns or rifles during a string.

Matches will have at least 4 stages (scenarios) or more, time permitting.

Required Equipment

.22LR Handgun + 5 Magazines/Loaders
.22LR Rifle + 5 Magazines/Loaders
250+ rounds of ammo


Jim Guedmin