.22 Offhand Match

What a fantastic year full of monthly matches. We have challenged about 25 different shooters in our 12 matches. Attendance varied greatly, as this is a great drop-in kind of match. There are very few rules and all you need to bring is $5, a .22 rifle with any sort of sights and sixty or so rounds of ammo. Undoubtedly, one of the most inexpensive ways to have fun!
The course of fire is at 25 yards, and we can accommodate 15 shooters per line. The target is 100 yard Hunter Bench with a number 10 ring the size of a dime. Of the six bulls on the target, one is a free-shoot sighter and allows unlimited shots. The other five bulls are scored at 10 shots per bull. Targets are self-scored and shot from a non-supported position. Match is handicap accessible. Duration is usually about an hour which allows a minute per shot.
Several times a year we have had fun rapid-fire courses and you guess your final score before the match. It's amazing how well you can shoot quickly. We have matches every first weekend of the month alternating from Saturday on the even months, and Sunday on odd months (This was implemented to be sensitive to different religious Sabbaths.) Matches start promptly at 8:30am. There is a roof over our head but dress warm, being that early on the range.
With a lot of practice our best shooters can score 450, however the prize is not given for winning. Only bragging rights to the winner.
We have an etched cup that is given out monthly to the shooter who scores closest to the average of that day’s scores. At the end of the year, we tabulate scores from all year and also the most average shooter receives a beer pitcher, hopefully to go with all of the glasses accumulated over the years.
Please come out and join us, check the online calendar and we will see you there.