.22 2-Gun

2-Gun .22 matches are designed to be a family friendly, inexpensive, low pressure action shooting event for shooters from beginners to the most advanced. The primary focus of all matches will be safety and fun. Friendly competition is encouraged but there is no prize money and awards will be minimal.


1. All competitors and spectators must wear eye and ear protection.
2. Every new shooter shall have a basic knowledge of firearms and safe handling of firearms.
3. 2 gun .22 takes place on a cold range. Unloaded firearms may be handled in designated areas only. Firearms may be loaded or unloaded at the direction of Range Safety Officers (RSO) only. Violation of this rule leads to match disqualification.
4. Any shooter whose firearm breaks the 170 during the course of fire will disqualified from the match. The RSO may warn the shooter by saying “muzzle” if the muzzle of the firearm approaches the 170.
5. Accidental discharges impacting the ground within 10 feet of the shooter or goes over the berm will be disqualified from the match.
6. Any shooter or spectator who is disruptive, abusive, or found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave.
7. A dropped unloaded firearm will result in a stage disqualification after an RSO picks it up and confirms that it is not loaded. If the firearm is found to be loaded the shooter will be disqualified from the match.
8. When not actively shooting or engaging targets the shooter will keep their finger conspicuously clear of the trigger. An RSO may warn the shooter by saying "finger" if thought to be necessary.
9. Firearms will be transported either in a holster or muzzle up.
10. At the end of a shooting string firearms will be placed in designated receptacles. Pistols will not be re-holstered.

Course of Fire

2 Gun .22 matches use a variety of different targets during a course of fire. Scores will be based upon raw time with additional time added for misses and procedural errors or time subtracted for bonus targets.

Required Equipment

  • .22 Pistol
  • .22 Rifle


Chris Doane