Frequently Asked Questions

About the Club, shooting, and the web page

General information questions and answers, in no particular order....

Q. Are shotgun facilities available?
A. Unfortunately, no Trap, Skeet or Sporting Clays available. For shotgun shooting contact Humboldt Trap & Skeet Club or Eel River Trap & Gun Club.

Q: How do I find out about some of the Shooting Sports listed on the Calendar? I'd like to get involved, but don't know anything about them!
A: That's easy! Click on the sport you're interested in under the Activities drop down in the main menu. Or on the printable Event Calendar, scroll down to "Contacts". Call up the contact for the sport you're interested in. You'll find everyone that's running the matches listed is very helpful and enthusiastic about their sport!

Q: I'm a member and I want to know why there's never (xxx) in the Stumper newsletter?
A: Well.. probably because no one has submitted it to the Stumper! Why don't YOU write something up about your favorite shooting topic, like how to get started in your favorite shooting sport! Keep it short, but informative. (It's a short newsletter after all.) Submit your idea to The Redwood Stumper.

Q. Are targets and ammunition available at the range?
A. Generally, no. Bring your own ammunition and paper targets. Bottles, cans and other "junk" targets are not allowed. Targets are provided for scheduled matches.

Q. Is camping permitted on the range?
A. Unfortunately, no. There is no power or water available on the range. The gates must locked when the range is not in use.

Q: Why aren't there any (insert your favorite shooting sport here) matches at RGC?
A: Because no one has volunteered to run them! Here's how to get your event on the calendar.

Q: I'm looking for a place to test my Full-auto weapon, can I use the RGC range?
A: I'm sorry.. No.
Q2: But it's a LEGALLY owned and licensed Class III weapon, with papers and tax stamp?
A2: Sorry.. legal or not, our range facility is neither appropriately laid out, nor insured for ANY full automatic fire. AND if it was NOT a Legally licensed full-auto firearm, we could get in a LOT of trouble for not calling the cops on you. Don't put the club in that position! As much as we'd like to say yes, we have to say No. Our insurance company adds considerably more emphasis than just saying “No”, but we’ll be polite.
Q3: What about a "bump fire" stock?
A3: Again, sorry, no.

Q: Why does RGC require membership in the NRA for memberships?
A: NRA provides RGC it's insurance and NRA requires Affiliated clubs to require membership. No NRA = No Insurance = No Club.