Public & Member Use


Redwood Gun Club's range is generally open to the public and Members on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, rain or shine with the following exceptions:

Exceptions to Regular Hours

  • Scheduled matches may delay the range being used from opening for general use by as much as an hour or two. Check the Calendar to avoid wait time! Non-match participants are asked to please leave firearms in your vehicles and wait quietly for the Match Director to turn the range over to the duty Range Safety Officer.
  • Major holidays, including New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.
  • Our twice a year range work party days will close the range for the day.
  • The range may be partially or completely closed any day there are not at least THREE RSOs on duty. If only two RSOs are on duty, the pistol range will be closed. This is for everyone's safety.
  • Any time an unsafe condition exists at the range. (Downed trees, damage to structures, construction, etc.)
  • While we are open in all weather, duty RSOs have discretion to close the range in inclement weather when range use is exceptionally light. If it's pouring rain and you want to shoot anyway, get there early!

We apologize but due to the nature of some of the events that may result in a closure, we can't always notify our Members or guests in advance.


On days when the range is open, a $20.00 fee per person per day is collected from non-members to continue to fund the range's safe operation and service to the community. Juniors (under 18) are free and must be under the immediate supervision of a parent or guardian. Active and Retired Military, Reserves and National Guard are free with proper ID.

Club Activities

Non-members are welcome to participate in Club sponsored matches and other activities. Check the calendar for dates and times.

Range Rental

The range is also available by special arrangement to local, state, and federal organizations for marksmanship training. Interested groups should contact the Chief Instructor to discuss terms. Due to insurance restrictions, we regret that we cannot always accommodate all interested groups.

What to Bring…

Your safe firearms (Sorry, the Club does not have firearms available for rent), appropriate ammunition, hearing protection, eye protection, paper targets, and a stapler or tacks/push pins. The target backers are wood (OSB) and fiber board; tape and self adhesive targets do not always work well. Please note that the Club cannot provide eye protection, ear protection, or targets. Bring eye and ear protection! Both are required when on the range. Exploding targets, bottles, cans, clays and other "junk" targets are NOT allowed. See the Rules for more information.

…and What to Take Home

Your trash! The range does not have garbage service. Please take home and dispose of your own shot up targets and empty ammo boxes.