Redwood Gun Club Range Rules

These rules were established for the safety of all and must be followed to the letter. Infractions or misuse of the range could jeopardize the continued use of our facilities.

  1. Commands and instructions by an on duty Range Safety Officer are to be followed, without exception, while on Redwood Gun Club property.
  2. Bullets must impact into earthen berm behind targets.
  3. The action must be open before entering the range. All firearms must have the chamber and magazine empty (and detachable magazines removed) when not on the firing line. Cased firearms should be uncased only while the range is open, and with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction during uncasing.
  4. Long guns not on the firing line must be kept in the racks provided with action open and magazine empty with detachable magazines removed. Handguns not on the firing line must be empty with the action open and/or in a closed container. (This rule pertains to “open to the public” days, not matches or scheduled organized practices).
  5. Smoking or vaping is not permitted in or within 25’ of shooting houses.
  6. Loud or abusive language or behavior is not permitted on the range. Area behind firing line to be kept quiet during matches.
  7. No alcohol is permitted on the premises. Any shooter under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave the range property.
  8. Open carry of holstered firearms is not permitted at the range.
  9. Shooters are to keep and leave their area clean, both firing point and target area.
  10. Handling or firing of firearms is prohibited when anyone is down range.
  11. All Firearms are to remain unloaded, with detachable magazines removed, until the line has been opened for firing by the duty Range Safety Officer. Load only upon command by the RSO on duty.
  12. Unload and rack all firearms upon command “CEASE FIRE” by the Range Safety Officer on duty.
  13. Shotgun use in not permitted.
  14. Firing is permitted only between sunrise and sunset.
  15. Anyone under 18 must be under immediate parental supervision at all times.
  16. “CEASE FIRE” may be called by anyone when there is an unsafe condition on the firing line or on the range.
  17. Full automatic fire and devices that simulate it, including those firearms used by government or other law enforcement agencies, is prohibited at the range. All “Rapid fire” must be controlled and impact the backers and berm. “Quick Draw” activities for the sole purpose of speed-of-draw are prohibited.

Note: A Range Safety Officer must be at the range when shooting is in progress. Two adults must be present at all times.

Revised 2/2017