A Safe Place to Shoot

Redwood Gun Club is centrally located near Arcata and Eureka on the Samoa peninsula, we offer a safe place to shoot in a friendly environment. Whether you are a new or experienced shooter, Redwood Gun Club is the place for you. We have several ranges, including a handgun range with 15 & 25 yard lanes and 100 & 200 yard rifle ranges. We also have three dynamic ranges for action shooting matches and classes.

We're open to the public and Members on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, rain or shine, with some exceptions. Please check the Calendar before planning your range day.

A $20.00 fee (cash only) per person per day is collected from non-members.

Active duty & retired Military, Reserves and National Guard are free with proper ID.

Whether you are sighting in your rifle for deer season, are interested in some friendly competition or just want to do some plinking, Redwood Gun Club will meet your needs and have you coming back for more of our fresh sea breezes and friendly atmosphere.

Story Time! ~ Written By Waterboy

My father and other family members were not impressed with handguns, so there was no chance that I was inheriting a Colt Bisley. Heck, my uncle was so anti-gun that he wouldn’t even stop and buy me a Luger when billboards in Oregon advertised them for $29.95. And, even way back, Colt Bisley’s sold for a heck of a lot more than $29.95!


.22 Offhand Match

What a fantastic year full of monthly matches. We have challenged about 25 different shooters in our 12 matches. Attendance varied greatly, as this is a great drop-in kind of match. There are very few rules and all you need to bring is $5, a .22 rifle with any sort of sights and sixty or so rounds of ammo. Undoubtedly, one of the most inexpensive ways to have fun!


Rimfire Steel Last Match of the Season

Weather gave us a break Saturday for our last official Rimfire Steel Match of the 2021 season. Five participants showed with enough .22 ammunition to complete 5 Stages in record time. One of our regular shooters, from Brookings, was in Texas (land of the free) to be with family. Hope he comes back. Another double booked the weekend.

“The Shooter”: she once again showed all of us how it’s done. One of her strings, with her rifle, was under 2 sec. for 5 Steel plates. 1.98 seconds. Think about that for a moment. Range record!



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