Cowboy Action Shooting

Two years ago I introduced Cowboy Action Shooting to the Redwood Gun Club. Just as we were about to have our first monthly shoot in March 2020, we were locked down by the Covid pandemic. After scrambling for a safe way to hold a shoot, we had our first shoot in April. While it was a lightly attended affair, it was to lay the foundation for all the monthly shoots to follow.

This year our cowboy shoots have been held March through October on the third Saturday of the month. We start setting up at 8:30 and begin shooting at 9:00. We usually shoot six stages and wrap things up around lunchtime. While our participation has been a small dedicated group, we have a fun time shooting and socializing in a safe environment. I am happy to report that the last two shoots had the highest number of attendees; nine shooters came out to play.

While cowboy shoots generally require two single action revolvers, a pistol caliber lever action rifle and a side by side shotgun (or Winchester 1897), we are very flexible on acceptable firearms. Many of you guys have a Ruger Blackhawk or two collecting dust in the back of your gun safe. It’s time to drag them out, load up some lighter loads with lead bullets and come out and join us. We will accommodate and adjust the stage so you can participate. Heck, we will even allow single action .22s and lever guns. No excuses.....come try it, you might end up selling a few safe queens you haven’t shot in a decade and buying a few “cowboy” guns you can enjoy every month.