New Club President, Chris Doane

2022 has arrived for Redwood Gun Club and with it let’s hope for fewer masks and more ammo. 2022 also brings a couple of changes to the E-Board in the form of a new president and vice president. I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself. Before introductions, I would like to thank our former Prez and VP for all of the hard work that they have put in over the past few years. The range looks amazing with lots of new storage and 3 dynamic ranges that have brought a lot of new opportunities to RGC members and the public alike. I am looking forward to working with the remaining members of the E-board and am hoping not to get in their way too much.
Now, on to introductions. I am a Humboldt County native who shot his first rifle at 5 years old (An M-1 carbine that my grandfather had rechambered in .357 mag). I went through a hunting phase, but if I have a deer tag it guarantees a drought in whatever area I am hunting. For the past 20 some odd years I have been an active Cowboy Action shooter and more recently have been co-developer and match director for the 2-gun .22 shoots. If you are looking for me at the range, I spend most of my time on the dynamic ranges.
Thanks to all of the hard work of Jim Guedmin, Alan Richmond, Bill Keller, Tami Hunter, Slater Smith, Bill Breen, and Brian Hunter I am beginning my term as president with a range that has no significant problems and an experienced E-Board. This means that my focus gets to be on the following:
- Making sure that our RSO’s have everything they need to keep the range operating safely.
- Our members have a safe and fun place to shoot almost any discipline they want to (sorry no trap or skeet in our foreseeable future)
- The public has access to a safe and beautiful range.
- Our XO has everything he needs to continue doing an excellent job maintaining the range.
These past 2 years have seen a significant increase in first time gun ownership. I want to make sure that these first time gun owners in Humboldt County have access to our range as a safe and accepting to learn firearm handling as well as exposing them to the various activities and matches that will be available to them. This is one of the ways that we will add to the next generation of RGC members.

Thank you,

Chris Doane
Redwood Gun Club